Optimizing Analytics for Policymaking and Governance

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This approach is emphasized in legislation such as the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act codified in January of 2019.

Perspective on Leading through Uncertain Times

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Five strategies to emerge stronger and more resilient

In the face of economic volatility, extreme weather events, and rapidly shifting demographics, the demand for public services has skyrocketed. The chasm between what citizens need and what governments can provide has widened.

Trust in public organizations is also on the decline, continuing a trend we’ve seen for decades. In 2022, only half (52%) of citizens trust their governments globally, according to Edelman. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has measured a similar level of trust (51%) across its 38 member countries.

Susan Wedge and Troy Edgar

Susan Wedge is Managing Partner and the US Public & Federal Market Leader of IBM Consulting.  In this role, she oversees consulting partnerships with government, education, healthcare and life science customers.  

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Events over the last couple of years have put a renewed emphasis on the importance of being resilient. Leaders and organizations have been walloped by the unforgiving realities of disruption and uncertainty. Often when responding to the unforeseen—doing all one can to operate, meeting expectations, following through on commitments, and delivering on missions—there is little time to reflect, take stock, or gain perspective. When faced with the unexpected, reflex and instinct seem to be what leaders and organizations alike rely on to weather the turbulence.


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