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Executive Director's Corner

My team and I were a part of three recent webinars worth exploring.

I hope you enjoy these interesting webinars.

Expert Insights: The Former Government Executives Council

The Former Government Executives Council provides insight and innovative ideas to improve government based on their past and extensive experience as senior officials at the Federal, State, and local levels. Learn more!

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Interviews with Leaders: The Business of Government Hour

Conversations with Leaders

Rob Handfield on Enabling a More Resilient Supply Chain Strategy for the Nation
Stacy Marcott, Acting Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer, NASA

Twitter Insights

MT : https://t.co/ObCLMA5XsA
Congratulations to our author Philip Joyce, Professor & Senior Associate Dean, for his "Federal Bu… https://t.co/91S0y1PANI
What is the decision process when choosing for ? How to assess the proposed benefits to the publ… https://t.co/ztilIh0YPs

The Center in the News

Dan Chenok Video

 This audio/video library provides perspectives on key government issues through appearances in a variety of media outlets.  Watch!

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