Weekly Roundup: June 15-19, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Federal cloud demand shifts to apps. The remote work challenges under the COVID-19 pandemic mean that once "nice-to-have" technologies are now mission critical, leaders said.

Weekly Roundup: June 8-12, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Cyber and IT challenges remain as Census resumes operations. The IT systems needed to carry out the 2020 census still face numerous testing challenges and unaddressed critical cybersecurity risks, according to a new audit from the Government Accountability Office.

Create the Future: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking

Today, we learn ways to create the future with Jeremy Gutsche, who joined me on The Business of Government Hour to discuss his book Create the Future: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking. “You are capable of much more than you think,” asserts Gutsche. Most people get stuck in established and recognized patterns of behavior that prevent them from seeing and seizing opportunities.

Weekly Roundup: June 1-5, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Managing Risk: Insights from GAO’s High-Risk List

This blog series emphasizes the critical importance risk management must play in the managing of government programs. When agencies don’t manage risk effectively they put their operations in jeopardy and expose themselves to a range of hazards from fraud, waste, and abuse to network intrusion and the list goes on. A robust risk management discipline enhanced by advances in technology offers government leaders data and information that can help them make better decisions, enhance operational effectiveness, and more effectively delivery on their diverse and complex missions.

Lead From The Future: Interview with Mark W. Johnson

I have dedicated a series of shows exploring the qualities, tools, tactics, and mindset leaders from all sectors may need to navigate unsettling times and transform order out of chaos. The authors and thinkers presented in this series offer insights and advice applicable to all sectors, especially the public sector.

Enhancing Decision Making with ERM

If today's pandemic has taught us anything, it is that managing risk in the public sector has taken on new significance. It has also underscored that organizations across all sectors must tackle risk and uncertainty in a more systematic and enterprise manner.

Weekly Roundup: April 20-April 24, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Pentagon plans to test all troops for COVID-19. Gen. John Hyten, vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said testing the entire force, including National Guard and Reserves, would take until summertime.

Preparing for the Next Presidential Transition

Every four years, the U.S. inaugurates a president to lead the country and the U.S. federal government. The transfer of power from one administration to the next marks a significant moment in U.S. history. Many may think the transition begins the day after the election. In reality, it begins much earlier. Leading candidates from both parties begin an informal transition process as early as the Spring of that election year.

Weekly Roundup: April 13-April 17, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Agencies look to digital financial outlets to disburse relief funds. As IRS and the Small Business Administration tap digital-only financial firms to assist in relief funding, concerns are emerging about cybersecurity vulnerabilities and fraud.


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