Weekly Round Up - November 30, 2018

Michael J. Keegan

Risk Management Framework adoption hits stumbling blocks at DOD. Moving the Defense Department's authorization process for IT systems from the DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process to the Risk Management Framework was supposed to provide better results. But the culture of compliance seems to be an impediment.

Weekly Round Up - November 16, 2018

Michael J. Keegan

Visions of Government in 2040: Perspectives on the Future -- A Report from Mars

In the IBM Center’s new book, Government For The Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’ Leaders,  part two of the book looks twenty years ahead offering perspectives on the future. This contribution is the first in a five-part series beginning with a dispatch from the Mars Exploration Base, Stardate July 20, 2039, authored by W. Henry Lambright.

Government Reform over the Past 20 Years - Part 6: Assessing Risk

In the IBM Center’s new book, Government For The Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’ Leaders, we have identified six major trends that have driven government management reforms.  This contribution highlights the the evolution of risk management in U.S. federal government.  For more detail, see the chapter on Assessing Risk.

Weekly Round Up - November 2, 2018

Michael J. Keegan

Supply chain task force looks to keep 'lemons' out of the federal IT ecosystem. At a Nov. 1 Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board meeting, a Homeland Security official detailed the composition and mission of the new group.

Leadership in Action: Fall 2018 The Business of Government Magazine

This edition of The Business of Government magazine marks the 20th anniversary of the IBM Center for The Business of Government. For the last two decades, the Center has led the charge of connecting research with practice and advancing public management scholarship, all while providing leaders with practical insights and actionable recommendations on how to enhance the way government does its business.

Applying Design Thinking to Public Service Delivery

Every day, U.S. government entities interact with millions of citizens to execute their core missions. Serving the citizenry has always has been a foundation of our government and today, rapidly advancing technological innovations are fundamentally changing citizen expectations. The last best experience that anyone has becomes the minimum expectation for the next experience. With these changing dynamics as a backdrop, organizations must begin to re-imagine how they innovate, operate, and engage with clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Weekly Round Up - September 21, 2018.

More Pay Demo Projects? Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller reports on what he learned about a recent OMB-sponsored summit on the future of the federal workforce.  The forum explored issues such as the impact of artificial intelligence, the federal pay structure, and performance management.

Weekly Round Up - August 17, 2018

Michael J. Keegan

FCC chairman: truth about site failure should have come out sooner. Ajit Pai told lawmakers that he couldn't alert the public to an event incorrectly designated as a cyberattack without jeopardizing a federal investigation.

Cloud migration made easy.  OMB readies its Cloud Smart strategy and government executive shares four keys to successful cloud migrations.

Weekly Round Up - August 10, 2018

Michael J. Keegan

Are agencies really ready for EIS? The telecom contract has the potential to reinvent IT infrastructure, but finding the bandwidth to take full advantage could prove difficult.

GAO urges DOD to share data about commercial satellite programs. Centralizing data related to the Defense Department's work with commercial satellites could be one of the first tasks for a “Space Force.”


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