Risk Management for Grants Administration: A Case Study of the Department of Education

In this report, Kwak and Keleher examine the experience of the U.S. Department of Education in implementing risk management initiatives.

Developing Senior Executive Capabilities to Address National Priorities

This report is intended to spark a discussion of how to create a cadre of experienced career senior executives who can lead major, cross-agency initiatives on national priorities

A Guide for Making Innovation Offices Work

In this report, Burstein and Black examine the recent trend toward the creation of innovation offices across the nation at all levels of government to understand the structural models ...


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Six Trends Driving Change in Government

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

We looked across our interactions with government leaders and stakeholders, as well as the thinking of our authors, to identify a set of trends that will drive change in governmentJoin the conversation.

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Weekly Roundup January 30, 2015
Michael Keegan
The IBM Center's Weekly Round Up highlights articles and insights that we found interesting for the week...
How Will Government Adapt?: The State of State Finances
What is the state of State government finances as states grapple with their own short and long-term fiscal challenges and the prospects of the continuing “trickle down” impact of...