Making Government Work for the American People

The next occupant of the Oval Office will need to transform campaign promises and a long list of priorities into real policies and programs that produce positive outcomes for the ...

Effective Leadership in Network Collaboration: Lessons Learned from Continuum of Care Homeless Programs

The report examines network collaboration in the context of Continuum of Care (CoC) homeless programs.

Call for Research Report Proposals 2016

As the country prepares for a transition to a new presidency, the next administration will need to lead an effective government that can address policy challenges through strong ...


A Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next AdministrationThrough roundtable discussions, accompanying reports and related research, we have developed a management roadmap for the next administration  Learn more.

The IBM Center’s Research Priorities

Research Reports

Supporting key missions of government from the transition to a new administration. Read more.

The Business of Government Blog

Two Years Later: The Future of Government Digital Services
Darcie Piechowski
The second anniversary of the US Digital Services (USDS) last month provides the opportunity to consider the...
Weekly Roundup for September 30, 2016
Michael Keegan
The IBM Center's Weekly Roundup highlights articles and insights that we found interesting for the week ending September 30, 2016.