The Persistence of Innovation in Government: A Guide for Innovative Public Servants

Professor Borins has found that innovation is alive and well and persisting at all levels of government in the United States.

Spring 2014 Edition

We highlight the latest trends for improving government effectiveness by introducing you to key government executives, detailing the work of public management practitioners, ...

Managing Budgets During Fiscal Stress: Lessons for Local Government Officials

Goldberg and Neiman analyze the financial experiences of California local governments from 2007 to 2013 and present findings and recommendations for managing at the local level given ...


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Six Trends Driving Change in Government

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

We looked across our interactions with government leaders and stakeholders, as well as the thinking of our authors, to identify a set of trends that will drive change in governmentJoin the conversation.

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The Secret Sauce of Effective Progress Reviews
John Kamensky
Agency chief operating officers are required to conduct quarterly progress reviews on priority goals....
Learning to Trust Open Data
Gadi Ben-Yehuda
An article from the 2014 Business of Government Magazine.