Enhancing the Government’s Decision-Making

Effective decision-making will be a critical element for the new administration to address key priorities quickly and effectively.

Leadership, Change, and Public-Private Partnerships

A Case Study of NASA and the Transition from Space Shuttle to Commercial Space Flight.

Building Performance Systems for Social Service Programs

Many states have invested in data, tracking, and evaluation to improve state agencies’ performance in child welfare programs, which serve a vulnerable segment of the population that ...


A Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next AdministrationTo prepare for the upcoming transition to a new Administration, we are hosting a series of Roundtable discussions to develop management recommendations for the next administration.  Learn more.

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

We looked across our interactions with government leaders and stakeholders, as well as the thinking of our authors, to identify a set of trends that will drive change in governmentJoin the conversation.

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Weekly Roundup: Week of April 25-29, 2016
John Kamensky
Articles from across the Web that we at the IBM Center for The Business of Government found interesting, week...
Reflections on Reforming the Military Health Systems: Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Woodson
Michael Keegan
Since December 2010, Dr. Jonathan Woodson has acted as the principle advisor to multiple secretaries of defense. As assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, he has lead...