Using Mobile Apps in Government

In less than a decade, the way Americans communicate has changed dramatically. More than 90 percent now own a cell phone, and three-quarters of those are smartphones. ...

A Playbook for CIO-Enabled Innovation in the Federal Government

Innovation plays a key role in government transformations at all levels.

New Tools for Collaboration: The Experience of the U.S. Intelligence Community

The purpose of this report is to learn lessons by looking at the use of internal collaborative tools across the Intelligence Community.


A Management Roadmap for the Next Administration

Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next AdministrationTo prepare for the upcoming transition to a new Administration, we are hosting a series of Roundtable discussions to develop management recommendations for the next administration.  Learn more.

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

Six Trends Driving Change in Government

We looked across our interactions with government leaders and stakeholders, as well as the thinking of our authors, to identify a set of trends that will drive change in governmentJoin the conversation.

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Weekly Roundup: February 8 – 12, 2016
John Kamensky
Articles from across the Web that we at the IBM Center for The Business of Government found interesting,...
Is Social Media Analytics the Answer to All Your Questions?
Darcie Piechowski
Social media is like looking into the window of a house. You can see what is happening, but it can be difficult to interpret. If a person inside the house is waving their arms in...