Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Okay, the contest is over, the results are in and they are statistically valid (okay, so 18 responses may not cut it for statisticians but it’s good enough for me!).

 1.      GPRA 2.0 (highest number of votes, but it’ll be so retro in 10-15 years!)

2.      Other (a close second, but with many options)

a.       GPRMA

b.      GPRA 2010

c.       GPRA II

d.      GPRA Plus

e.       Better Results

f.       Ignored (and the submitter even apologized, noting “unfortunate but true”)

3.      GPRA Mod (probably sounds too much like a TV show)

Now let’s see what everybody actually winds up calling the new GPRA law. . . . .



Graphic Credit:  Stuff for Baby