Embracing & Managing Negative Feedback

While the government recognizes the importance of obtaining public feedback and is beginning to encourage more feedback on their everyday services, the potential for criticism can be a barrier to adopting those feedback tools. Still, organizations like the US Department of State, TSA, and the State of Georgia are overcoming those barriers in order to reap the benefits of feedback. The ability to convert feedback into action is dependent on the integrity of it.

Smart policies for Smartphones: Acceptable Online Activities During Work Hours

I'm in Seoul, South Korea, this week for a Global e-Government Forum.  Seoul is 13 hours ahead of Washington, DC, so for more than half the day, it's tomorrow.  But that's not the only way that Seoul is in the future.  The smell of kimchi mixes with the omnipresent electronica of smartphone rings and tablet notifications.  The Samsung building is visible from my hotel room, and its logo appears on at a majority of devices I've seen in this city.

Leading eDiplomacy at State: Conversation with Richard Boly

How is eDiplomacy moving State from a culture of need to know toward a culture of a need to share?

Social Media for Public Participation: Step 2 - Consult

Though informing is the first rung in the public participation ladder, it is the second step, consulting, that two—way communication and the promises it entails become paramount.

Social Media for Public Participation: Step 1 - Inform

There are many roles for social media within government agencies.

Joshua Joseph of the Partnership for Public Service is spearheading research into one area: improving operations.  We had a lively, discursive conversation yesterday not only about how social media can be used at various points in an agency’s project life-cycle, but about how the Partnership can use social media in the creation of the report itself.

GSA Launches Pilot 12-Week Social Media Training

GSA will be offering a 12-week social media training course for government employees starting February 7.


This post has been updated to highlight the role of GSA's Web Manager University.

GSA Launches Pilot 12-Week Social Media Training

Starting February 7, I’ll be leading a12-week social media in government course that aims to help new and aspiring social media practitioners understand the strategy and tools that will help the succeed in their roles. The class is being offered through the General Services Administration's (GSA) Web Manager University.



Mitigating Risk in the Use of Social Media

A new report by the IBM Center for the Business of Government helps government employees understand and mitigate the risks posed by use of social media.

How Governments Use Social Media for Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery

How are government agencies using social media to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters?


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