Acquisition Reform in the 1990s: Lessons from a By-Gone Era for Today

This guest post by Allan Burman, President of Jefferson Solutions and former Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy in the Office of Management and Budget, is part of a longer series on government reforms over the past 30 years and lessons for future leaders.


Achieving Substantial Gains in IT Performance Across Government Through DevSecOps

Guest Blogger:  Chris Yates, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Eli Whitney, famed inventor of the cotton gin, demonstrated the value of Interchangeable parts in the United States in 1801 to the US Congress, President John Adams, and President Elect Thomas Jefferson. This was a critical demonstration of the impact and value such a feature could bring to the military. Whitney demonstrated the viability and value of interchangeable parts by stripping down several muskets, and then reassembling a functional musket from random parts from the disassembled muskets.

Supply Chain Resiliency within the Federal Government – Enabling COVID-19 Recovery

This blog was written by Mark Fisk, Partner – Blockchain Government Lead and COVID-19 Supply Chain Response Lead, IBM

The impact to supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery remains a significant concern for both industry and government. Over the past several months, Federal agency leaders have discussed difficulties as they address multiple impacts:

Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent is the former Federal Chief Information Officer at the Office of Management and Budget. Ms. Kent is an industry leader of large-scale business transformation using technology, for the world’s most complex organizations.  Previous to her work with OMB, she served as a principal at EY and has been a partner at Accenture, consulting president at Carreker Corporation and a Managing Director at JPMorgan.

Suzette Kent, former Federal Chief Information Officer

Broadcast Date: 
Monday, August 10, 2020 - 09:00

Weekly Roundup: August 3-7, 2020

Michael J. Keegan

Customer-Driven Risk Management

Preston Finley, Director of Foresight, Strategic Planning & Risk Management at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs joined me on The Business of Government Hour to discuss the mission of his team and the importance of customer-driven risk management. Here’s a synopsis of our conversation.


Challenge Grant Competition: Re-Thinking Government Management and Operations Given the Impact of COVID-19

To provide comments on any of the below proposals, please email

Proposal One:  Improving Knowledge Delivery Through The Next Generation of Intelligent Chatbots

The "new" normal is one fraught with many risks.  However, new challenges bring opportunities for innovation and creativity.  Such is the case for the Federal Government in managing risk and coping with change under these pandemic conditions.

The Evolution of the Use of Collaborative Networks in Government

And the governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic seems to bear out his observation.

Over the years, he has observed that many challenges—such as responding to disasters, organizing the delivery of services to disabled individuals, and orchestrating a response to climate change—have no single organization in charge. As a result, the traditional bureaucratic institutions defined by hierarchical agencies and programs that were so successful in the past are no longer adequate for challenges today that span across organizational boundaries.



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