Reduce Energy Use: Wrap Up


Reduce Energy Use: Wrap Up

Friday, August 26th, 2011 - 12:09
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 12:04
This Energy blog has covered many topics over the past several weeks starting with the strategic level moving to enablers and ending with energy domains and opportunities.

Smart Energy Management is Smart Business

All authors involved in this energy series hope that you, the reader, are taking away one key message – being smart about energy is smart business.  Smart energy management – from long-term, strategic planning to tactical actions such as putting your computer in sleep mode can have a profound compounding effect on an organizations wallet and the environment. 

What was once regarded as a positive environmental and sustainability activity has turned into a serious business.  With the rising cost of energy and tight budgets, energy cost takeout can have a very positive effect for organizations. Thoughtful planning and proper execution will take out costs and allow organizations to dedicate, precious resources to mission critical activities.  The low hanging fruit is all around.  Think about what changes in your routine can reduce energy now and get involved in the planning activities to manage your energy use and costs over the long term.

Coming Up Next

Join us next week as we switch focus from our energy discussions to moving to shared services for mission-support activities.


Tim Fain Bio Tim Fain is an Associate Partner and Service Area Leader within IBM’s Global Business Services Public Sector. Mr. Fain has more than 30 years of technical, managerial, and consulting experience. Specifically his experience involves developing organizational, economic development and environmental and energy sustainability strategies; improving business models and processes; and helping organizations develop transformation roadmaps. He uses his extensive knowledge of Federal regulatory and budgetary processes, e-Government principles and methodologies, and strategic planning to help public sector clients address policy, service, and transformational challenges.

Prior to joining IBM, Tim spent eight years at the Office of Management and Budget where he worked on a broad range of Federal government information technology and policy issues. A former US Navy Submarine Officer, Tim holds a BS in Metallurgical Engineering, a MA in National Security Studies, and a MPP in International Trade and Finance.

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Allan Guyet Mr. Allan Guyet is a Managing Consultant in IBM’s Strategy and Innovation practice with over ten years of experience in government and the private sector. Mr. Guyet has held leadership positions in the energy field and has provided thought leadership on energy planning, renewable energy development, energy transmission and smart gird planning and deployment. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Guyet performed business planning and performance services for an energy transmission utility and was the Director of the Florida Energy Office.

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