Performance, Leadership, and Telework: Weekly Recap


Performance, Leadership, and Telework: Weekly Recap

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 - 16:04
Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 16:00
It’s a challenge to write a blog entry this soon after the mid-term elections and not mention them…but truly, government performance improvement is a non-partisan issue. Whether you are enthusiastic about the outcome(s) or simply relieved that the robocalls are ending, for now, I’ll stay focused on performance, outcomes, adding value, and removing costs from the operations of government.

My earlier post this week discussed the difference between transparency and clarity.  It also used an example that was applicable to a broad spectrum of commercial and government challenges – getting the right information to the right people so they can make decisions effectively and lead with clarity.  I consider this to be a key component of enabling leaders to lead.

On Tuesday, Walter Pincus posted an interesting comparison of the MI5 organization and the American intelligence community after Sir John Sawyer gave his first public speech.  In this speech, Sir John Sawyer reported that the British intelligence community is trying to increase collaboration of information and infrastructure as a way to identify cost savings.  

We’ll spend more time throughout November talking about the way that Departments and Agencies can find cost savings in new approaches to IT infrastructure.

In addition, this has been a very active week for telework discussions.  Here are a few articles that I thought were particularly interesting:

Although not yet specifically called out in our performance improvement outline, telework has been a major source of cost reduction for IBM.  Very few IBMers are required to work from offices; instead, IBMers are connected with IM tools, email, and conference calls.  Not only is this policy key to helping us attract and retain appropriate talent, but also it reduces traffic and our carbon footprint, reduces our real estate costs (translating into lower prices for customers), and supports the continuity of our operations. 

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