Consolidating, Impactful Ideas, and the SAVE Awards - Weekly Roundup


Consolidating, Impactful Ideas, and the SAVE Awards - Weekly Roundup

Thursday, November 18th, 2010 - 22:36
Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 21:32
Newsworthy items around removing costs and improving performance for the week.

This week, we had Tom Temin join us to share his ideas on consolidating the provisioning of IT services. His posts included information about what it means to consolidate, how much could be saved, who has already implemented successful efforts, and what organizations can do to begin implementation themselves. 

Look for more from Tom on IT issues and other guest bloggers in coming weeks.

A few other newsworthy items around removing costs and improving performance:

  • The Bipartisan Policy Debt Reduction Task Force released its report, “Restoring America’s Future” encouraging Congress to pursue sales tax increases as a method of reducing the national debt.  Katy O’Donnell’s article shares details about the report.
  • Congratulations to Trudy Givens, Bureau of Prisons award winner for the Securing Americans Value and Efficiency award for recommending a way to cut costs and improve performance in government.  Ms. Givens recommends halting automatic delivery of the hard copy version of the Federal Register to all government employees and instead directing employees to the internet version. Whether you call this going green with printing, leveraging the Intranet, or encouraging transparency and dialog via the web, there are certainly costs associated with regular printing, delivery, and disposal of the hard copies.    Congrats Trudy!  Jeff Zeints’ blog post on this topic includes info on other nominations.
  • The Center for American Progress released their report on 10 Strategies to cut $400B from Federal procurement.  Reforming the Federal procurement system definitely meets the criteria of an opportunity to cut costs and improve performance – and if you haven’t had a chance to watch the video discussion of the Center’s thinking, I encourage you to spend a few minutes on that.

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