A Guide To Our Favorite Posts


A Guide To Our Favorite Posts

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 - 7:45
Monday, December 20, 2010 - 17:19
Here's a new version of our Stimulus Watcher's Reading List -- a selection of our own blog posts that we'd most like others to read.

The Implementation of the Recovery Act blog will draw to a close this week. We’ll end with a full index of past posts on Thursday.

In the meantime, we thought that today we'd pick out some of our favorite selections from the past ten months.  We’ve listed the most recent first.

Stimulus Oversight: A Q&A With California's Laura Chick – A state inspector general for the Recovery Act emphasizes the importance of "an active and energetic exploration of lessons learned". October 21, 2010

Education, Data and the Communications War – Thanks to the stimulus, the states are making major progress on improving educational data, but they’re losing the communications war on how this will affect local districts.  October 7, 2010

The "ARRA Displacement" Phenomenon – With capacity limited and funds for administration tight,  a focus on Recovery Act spending  sometimes meant neglecting other non-stimulus projects. September 28, 2010

Transportation: The Challenge of Showing Progress  -- Communicating the impact of stimulus dollars on vast transportation needs is very tricky. September 22, 2010

More than just jobs in Connecticut -- Connecticut’s “Recovery Spotlight” project briefs give details on the benefits of spending, providing residents with a welcome bit of information on the programmatic accomplishments of the stimulus. August 12, 2010

Light and Political Bushel Baskets  -- In covering the Recovery Act, it’s naïve to disregard the way politics – and partisan warfare – comes into play. August 4, 2010

Telling the Story – We share comments about story-telling from Toy Story’s John Lasseter and explain why they’re relevant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. July 22, 2010

Of Fixtures and Fraud – Words of wisdom from the EPA IG’s office: “Consideration of contractor performance prior to award reduces the risk of providing funds to a contractor with a history of poor performance.” July 13, 2010

Guidance from the Top – The State of Washington’s government accountability forums provide a fascinating and highly informative window on government policy and management. Here’s the video of one forum devoted to Recovery Act spending. June 24, 2010

Data, Data Everywhere: But Are There Brains to Think? -- The Recovery Act  stressed the importance of building up and improving the nation’s data systems; now we need more people who are skilled at understanding, analyzing and using the data. June 16, 2010

"The sheer depth of the crisis. . . ." Q&A with Paul Posner – An interview looking at the differences between the Recovery Act and the New Deal. May 9, 2010

Is Faster Better? – The tensions between making speedier spending choices and more careful ones.  April 13, 2010

Conflicting goals, weatherization and a little about soccer  -- The Recovery Act deals with a passel of conflicting goals. April 6, 2010

INTERVIEW WITH: Beth Blauer, director of Maryland’s StateStat – How Maryland is connecting the tracking of stimulus dollars with its StateStat performance information.


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