John Kamensky, Praja Trivedi, and Dan Chenok, India

The IBM Center's Senior Fellow in Governance Dr. Praja Trivedi (pictured in the middle with Center Senior Fellow John Kamensky [left] and Center Executive Director Dan Chenok [right]), Commonwealth Secretary General's Special Envoy for Sustainable Development Goal Implementation, has produced a series of videos to discuss government performance management.   The series is a step-by-step practical approach for use by countries around the world and is based on best practices in the field.  

The main questions the series answers are: 

  • What is the main problem we are trying to solve when it comes to government performance management?
  • What are the leading solutions?
  • What are best practice, effective methodologies?
  • What is a practical way of implementing these ideas?

Listen to Praja's interview with Business of Government Hour host Michael Keegan and read his book, "Performance Management in Government."

Government Performance Management:  Session One - A Toolkit for Practioners  

Performance Management


Government Performance Management: Session Two - The Solutions  

Performance Management


Government Performance Management: Session Three - What Gets Measured Gets Done  

Praja Trivedi


Government Performance Management: Session Four - How to Measure Performance  


Government Performance Management: Session Five - In Search of Accountability  

Praja Trivedi



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