Shared Services and How a Strong Governance Process Works for Providers and Customers

I had the privilege of attending and speaking at a recent shared services breakfast seminar hosted by the National Academy of Public Administration, the Senior Executives Association, and the Shared Services Leadership Coalition.  At a high level, the session covered a shared services governance structure focusing on the voice of the customer, case studies of successful shared services governance structures, the development of service standards for shared services, an

Jesse Samberg

Jesse Samberg is a Shared Services Fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government.

The Pendulum of Government Efficiency

Mick Jagger Supports Shared Services

The breakfast included four presentations about different shared services related topics. A review Mick Jagger’s contribution to shared services is described below, following a summary of key points raised at the breakfast.

A Dynamic Shared Services Delivery Model

One way the government can become more efficient and effectively managed is through what we’re calling A Dynamic Shared Service Delivery Model, to show constant change and improvement. Before we dive into the specifics of the shared service model, let’s explore a representative example of the “21st Century” technology service model.

Shared Service Market Size

How Co-Working Might Effect Government

The benefits of the space are flexibility, no need to sign a long-term lease, collaboration – people can share ideas with other officemates who may be in a completely different field -- and productivity – being around dynamic and committed workers motivates performance.  Coworking spaces are all over the world.  Picture working in a colorful office with designers and architects at “Patchwork” in Paris or a former Wonder Bread factory with tech startups at “WeWork” locations in the US.  The concept is the same from location to location, but the actual design changes according to the footprin

Shared Services Fellow
IBM Center for The Business of Government
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Jesse Samberg is a Shared Services Fellow with the IBM Center for The Business of Government.

Jesse comes to the Center after more than 25 years with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) where he was the Director of their Shared Services initiatives. In this role, he created a new stand-alone shared service center to process all administrative functions, resulting in savings of $25 million annually. Prior to that role he was the Budget Deputy Director for MTA's Budget Office, where he was responsible for managing an annual budget of over $13 billion, as well as representing MTA on the creation of the statewide energy market, the NYISO, and other all-agency strategic initiatives.

Jesse’s other senior management roles at the MTA included CFO of the MTA Card Company, a subsidiary of MTA created to launch and support the MTA’s MetroCard fare collection project, and as Deputy Director of Real Estate where he created the first database of the MTA’s extensive property records, some of which went back 150 years. Before attending the Yale School of Management, Jesse founded several Head Start programs in the Greater New Haven area.

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