Transforming the Intelligence Community: Improving the Collection and Management of Information

This report offers a unique perspective on transforming the nation’s intelligence community. Instead of the traditional top-down approach to reforming the work of the intelligence community to improve national security, this report offers a “bottoms-up” approach. The report recommends the creation of a new culture among front-line analysts that builds upon the lessons learned from the field of knowledge management. The report recommends combining the implicit knowledge of individual analysts with the explicit knowledge developed within their organizations.

Applying 21st-Century Government to the Challenge of Homeland Security

This paper describes the emerging implementation strategies of government in the twenty-first century. The first section describes three models of government available to policy makers who believe that the bureaucratic model cannot solve the problems at hand: Reinvented Government, Government by Network and Government by Market. Reinvented Government is government shorn of many public sector trappings and geared towards performance.

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