Towson University

Dr. Martha Joynt Kumar is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at Towson University. As a scholar with a research focus on the White House, she is interested in presidential - press relations, White House communications operations, and presidential transitions. Her most recent book, Managing the President's Message: The White House Communications Operation, won the 2008 Richard E. Neustadt Award for the best book on the presidency from the presidency section of the American Political Science Association.

Janis Gogan

Janis Gogan, Professor of Information & Process Management at Bentley University, holds Ed.M., M.B.A., and D.B.A. degrees from Harvard University; she teaches graduate courses on strategic IT management. Dr. Gogan conducts field-based research on IT and patient safety, informed collaboration in health care, and strategic management of IT-supported processes within and between organizations.

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