Friday, October 8, 2010
Articles that we found interesting the week ending October 8, 2010

Gadi Ben-Yehuda


John Kamensky

  • President Signs Transition Modernization Bill. President Obama signed a bill that will smooth the transition between presidents. The bill allows earlier access to planning monies and office space by candidates. 
  • Recovery Act Spending on Time, on Budget. According to the Washington Post, a new White House report (which seems to be no where on its website) says that 70 percent of the $787 billion in the Recovery Act has been disbursed. The Post says report gives high marks to states and localities for saving or producing 3.5 million jobs. Typically, 5 to 7 percent of government contracts generate complaints. Recovery Act programs have generated less than 2 percent. Here’s a related White House report: “One Hundred Recovery Act Projects Changing America.” 
  • Technology execs release recommendations to save $1 Trillion. Top technology executives released a set of recommended strategies based on corporate best practices that federal agencies could use to cut costs and improve performance over the next decade. The report was quickly endorsed by OMB. The IBM Center is sponsoring a blog exploring in depth the various strategies cited in the report. Read the report: "Strategies to Cut Costs and Improve Performance"


Dan Chenok


Business of Government Radio Show: Ivan Handler

The Business of Government Hour features a conversation about management with a government executive who is changing the way government does business. The executives discuss their careers and the management challenges facing their organizations. Past government executives include Administrators, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Commissioners, Controllers, Directors, and Undersecretaries.

Ivan Handler is the Chief Information Officer of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which is responsible for providing healthcare coverage for adults and children who qualify for Medicaid, and for providing Child Support Enforcement services to help ensure that Illinois children receive financial support from both parents.

Each week, The Business of Government Hour interviews government executive who are changing the way government does business. The show airs four times a week on two radio stations in the DC Metro Area.  If you can't wait, though, we also put it online. You can also search our audio archives for your favorite interview.