Friday, March 25, 2011
Articles we found interesting the week of March 21, 2011

Gadi Ben-Yehuda


John Kamensky


  • Crowdsourcing the Trade Reorganization. President Obama promised in his State of the Union address to reorganize the federal government, starting with its trade and export programs, in order to improve our nation’s competitiveness. The Washington Post, in Joe Davidson’s Federal Eye column, reports that federal workers are being asked their ideas for how reorganization should take place. There are lots of interesting ideas, often far a field from reorganization! 
  • Assessment of Obama Measurement Initiatives. Governing Magazine has a good piece by Dr. Phil Joyce, “Obama Performance Measurement Agenda,” His bottom line: “There is less apparent progress two years into Obama's presidency than was made at a comparable point in the last two administrations.” 
  • Is Federal Government Grinding to a Halt? Federal Times has a series of articles describing the effects of the series of continuing resolutions and lack of a clear budget six months into the fiscal year. Most of these articles center on personnel and contractor uncertainties, and delays in Defense construction work on military bases, and its inability to begin plans for 2013 budgets


Dan Chenok



Business of Government Radio Show: Daniel Tangherlini

The Business of Government Hour features a conversation about management with a government executive who is changing the way government does business. The executives discuss their careers and the management challenges facing their organizations. Past government executives include Administrators, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Commissioners, Controllers, Directors, and Undersecretaries.

Daniel Tangherlini is the Assistant Secretary for Management, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Performance Officer at Treasury. In these roles, Tangherlini serves as the principal policy advisor on the development and execution of the budget and performance plans for Treasury and the internal management of the Treasury and its bureaus.

 Each week, The Business of Government Hour interviews government executive who are changing the way government does business. The show airs four times a week on two radio stations in the DC Metro Area. If you can't wait, though, we also put it online. You can also search our audio archives for your favorite interview.