Thursday, February 3, 2011
Articles we found interesting, the week of January 31, 2011

Gadi Ben-Yehuda




John Kamensky


  • Some Things Take Longer Than You Think. Back in the mid-1990s, the Defense Department and Veterans Affairs agreed to develop joint electronic medical records. A new GAO report, “Electronic Health Records: DOD and VA Should Remove Barriers and Improve Efforts to Meet Their Common Needs,” says they are still working on it, and are a long ways from achieving a system that will work. Sigh.
  • Let’s Get Organized! President Obama committed to reorganizing the government in his State of the Union address. This reminds me of another GAO report, from 1981, with one of my all-time favorite titles that just says it all: “Implementation: The Missing Link in Planning Reorganizations.” (don’t be alarmed; GAO scanned the report into their system upside down, but it is still readable).
  • Improving Program Design. The Center for American Progress released a terrific report and checklist for assessing the effectiveness of existing programs and for congressional staff to use when designing new programs, titled: “The Secret to Programs That Work.” Here’s hoping it doesn’t stay a secret.


Dan Chenok


Business of Government Radio Show: Rafael Borras

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Rafael Borras oversees management of the Department of Homeland Security's $56 billion budget, appropriations, expenditure of funds, and accounting, and finance.  

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