Associate Professor
University of San Francisco School of Management
United States

Dr. Richard Callahan is an Associate Professor with the University of San Francisco’s School of Management. He teaches graduate degree courses in public administration in strategy, leadership, and governance. He has been funded for research projects on governance from the Haynes Foundation, Bedrosian Center on Governance, and has a Fulbright Specialist Program award for teaching leadership, institutional design, and governance in Istanbul, Turkey. Additionally, he works with universities in the states of Vera Cruz, Aguascalientes, and Yucatan, Mexico. Formerly, Callahan directed and taught in leadership and graduate degree programs in Los Angeles and Sacramento for 13 years for the University of Southern California, including as director of a 10-year engagement with the Sierra Health Foundation for developing nonprofit leaders. He is the recipient of a number of teaching awards, including the Chester A. Newland Award for teaching excellence from the Sacramento Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration. He has been published in the leading journals of public administration. He also served for 11 years as an appointed local government official in New Jersey and in California, working with elected leaders. Callahan earned his masters and doctorate degrees from the University of Southern California, and his B.A. in Government, with honors in political theory, from Georgetown University.