Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
University of Illinois Chicago
400 South Peoria Street
Chicago, IL 60607
United States
(312) 355-0304

James Thompson is Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Dr. Thompson’s primary research interests are in the areas of human resource management, the civil service and organizational change in the public sector. Publications include, “Value Shifts in Public Sector Human Resource Management” (2017), “Leadership and Transformation of a Major Institution: Charles Rossotti at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service” (2006), and, “The Federal Civil Service: Demise of an Institution,” (2006). Dr. Thompson has authored or co-authored several reports for the IBM Center for the Business of Government including, “Modernizing Human Resource Management in the Federal Government: The IRS Model” (2003), “Federated Human Resource Management in the Federal Government: The Intelligence Community Model” (with Rob Seidner) (2009) and, “Designing and Implementing Performance-Oriented Payband Systems” (2007). Dr. Thompson received his Ph.D. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1996.