Visiting Fellow
University of New South Wales School of Business
University of New South Wales School of Business
University of New South Wales School of Business
PO Box 7916
Canberra, Australia, 2610
United States

Dr. Rodney Scott is currently a visiting fellow at the Ash Center For Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University, where he is completing a research project exploring methods for managing (and improving) the performance of senior public servants. Dr. Scott is the Principal Research Fellow for New Zealand’s State Services Commission, where he leads the public management research programme and provides advice on public sector design and evaluation. Dr. Scott also holds adjunct positions at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and at the University of New South Wales.

Dr. Scott completed PhD studies in system dynamics and public management at the University of Queensland, including the dissertation “Group model building and mental model change,” which was awarded best doctoral thesis by the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management. He is widely published in system dynamics, operations research, group decision, public policy, and public administration. Dr. Scott’s current research
interests include interagency collaboration, governance, and performance management.

Dr. Scott has previously worked as Principal Advisor to several central government departments, and he has held senior and executive management positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in Australia and New Zealand.