Reports on Environment and Energy


Reports on Environment and Energy

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 - 11:05
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 11:02
The Center has recently published four reports that discuss innovative ways government agencies can increase energy efficiency and sustainability, and examine environmental collaboration.

Energy-efficiency and sustainability never really go out of fashion.  Recently, however, a new emphasis has been placed on better use of energy and greater stewardship of the environment--especially by government organizations.

The Center has released four reports that can help government managers improve their energy strategies and enhance their sustainability activities:

  • Implementing Sustainability in Federal  Agencies: An Early Assessment of President Obama's Executive Order 13514  (Daniel J. Fiorino)  This report describes the initial implementation of Executive Order 13514. It provides the  groundwork for subsequent evaluations to be conducted later in the EO’s implementation process.
  • Breaking New Ground: Promoting Environmental and Energy Programs in Local Government  (James H. Svara, Anna Read, Evelina Moulder)  This report presents findings from an International City/County Management Association (ICMA)  survey sent to over 8,000 local governments across the nation. Based on the survey, the report  decribes six strategies that local government decision-makers and administrators are undertaking  to develop new sustainability programs or refine existing programs.
  • Environmental Collaborations: Lessons Learned About Cross-Boundary Collaborations  (Dr. Kathryn Bryk Friedman, Kathryn Foster)  This report identifies the necessary conditions, capacities, organizational models, and  experiences that drive successful collaborative ventures resulting in cleaner water, air, and  land. The authors describe what it takes to start such a collaborative initiative and — more  importantly — how to sustain an initiative over time.
  • Guide for Local Government Executives on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability  (Nathan J. Francis, Richard C. Feiock)  This report sets forth six strategies local governments can use to develop new sustainabilty  programs or refine existing ones. The strategies are base on results of a survey of practices in  place by medium-sized cities across the country.