Over the decade, the IBM Center has invested substantial time and resources in researching the discipline, application, and use of risk management in government. We have published the work of leading academics as well as captured the expertise of front-line practitioners chronicling their insights and recommendations in a vast array of Center reports and interviews. It is from this rich library that we present a blog series dedicated to strengthening risk based decision-making capabilities within government.

This blog series will explore such topics as lessons learned from the evolution of risk management in government; enterprise risk management (ERM) and how it can help improve decision making; managing the risks associated with artificial intelligence; and managing specific financial, IT, cyber, and program risks.


  Managing Risk in the Public Sector 
  1. Risk-Based Decision-Making: A Key Capacity for Government Today 04/13/20 
  2. Enhancing Decision Making with ERM 04/29/20 
  3. Risk-Based Decisionmaking for Applying AI and Other Emerging Technologies: Findings from Recent Research 05/18/20 
  4. Managing Risk: Insights from GAO’s High-Risk List 06/02/20 
  5. Managing Financial Risk in Government 06/10/20 
  6. Cybersecurity Risk Management – Resources for Agency Action 07/20/20 
  7. Customer-Driven Risk Management 08/06/20 
  8. Evolving the Enterprise Risk Management in Government: Reflections of a Risk Management Professional 10/28/20