Thursday, March 6, 2014
Tweeting (and more) from the Interactive Festival March 7-11

I'll be leaving today for Austin, TX, and this year's South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

As with most years, I've completely overbooked myself, but this is the double-edge sword of interesting conferences: there is more to do and see and hear than two eyes, two ears, and one brain can take in.  I do plan to tweet quite extensively from the conference (follow @GBYehuda if you want to read about it [or unfollow if you don't!]) and you can see my schedule here.

Some of the sessions I'm particularly excited about (though there is no way I can get to all of them):

  • Data Science: Decode Your Organization's Data  
  • Digital Divide or Sinkhole? Tech Famines in the US 
  • Being Social with Grandma: Social Media for 50+ 
  • The Sharing Economy 2.0 
  • Welcome to the Mobile Majority: Now What? 
  • Here's A Secret: We Need Anonymous Social Networks 
  • Innovation in Action in the Developing World 
  • Power & Privacy: What Superheroes Can Teach Us 
  • Open Source Foreign Policy in the Digital Age 
  • Nano Size Me: The Currency of Sharing 
  • 3D Printing: Fueling the Manufacturing Renaissance 
  • Hacking Entrepreneurship from Government 
  • Smartphones to Healthphones: A Dr. in Your Pocket 
  • Justice 2.0: Online Dispute Resolution 
  • Is It Possible to Change Someone's View Online? 
  • The New Rules Of Innovation – Introducing The Digital Innovation Challenge 
  • Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014 
  • The World Bank & Innovation: Striking Poverty 
  • Dive into Social Media Analytics 
  • Feminism 2.0: Technology & Women's Empowerment 
  • Think Small About Big Civic Engagement Data 
  • The Future of Government-Citizen Interaction 
  • 7 Ways to Engage with the US State Department 
  • Actionable Gamification - Beyond Points & Badges 
  • What Is Your Mother Worth? (Reputation Economics) 
  • Unstructure: Smashing the Boundaries of Data 
  • Always Be Innovating: Thinking Like a Startup 
  • Building Empathic Games for Healthy Outcomes 
  • What Social Media Analytics Can't Tell You 
  • Man Up: Gender & the Work-Life Balance Debate 
  • Five Ways Health Decisions Don't Make Sense 
  • Body Computing: The Future of Networked Humans 
  • Reddit: You're Doing It Wrong 
  • Loyalty 3.0: Big Data + Motivation + Gamification Austin Convention Center Ballroom G
  • The Middle East’s Social Media Underground 
  • How to Create a Makerspace in Your City


If you're headed down to Austin, please find me, if not, I hope you enjoy my updates while I'm there.