Weekly Roundup January 22, 2016


The IBM Center's Weekly Roundup highlights articles and insights that we found interesting for the week ending January 22.

On the Radio Hour

Ronald Layton
Deputy Chief Information Officer
U.S. Secret Service

In the magazine

Insights from Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, National Protection and Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Enhancing Cybersecurity in a World of Real- Time Threats: Insights from Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications,...

On the blog

Idea to retire: A federal budget process that inhibits IT innovation
Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 16:06
For government to leverage private sector innovations, agencies need flexibility to experiment with and adopt new...
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Articles we found interesting the week of March 21, 2011
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The IBM Center for The Business of Government is exploring creating a mobile website and applications that could be viewed from a smart phone or tablet. We are interested in learning how you use your smart phone and tablet devices so we can develop an app that works for you! Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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Government leaders should investigate three kinds of cloud computing and one type of storage cloud when considering moving their operations to "The Cloud."
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The National Academy of Public Administration, the Partnership for Public Service, and the IBM Center for the Business of Government recently hosted a roundtable to engage a diverse set of thought leaders in envisioning how the Fund and related efforts can improve outcomes and efficiency in benefits delivery.
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This week, Johnny Barnes, our Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, shared details about a tool that has helped many commercial and government users migrate to a consolidated environment – reducing risk, speeding results, and saving money.
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Articles we found interesting, the week of March 14, 2011
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The flexibility of cloud computing offers Government users and IT service providers faster access to services with reduced cost.
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FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt leads an organization moving swiftly into the future now: What is FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System? How will NextGen improve the national air system? What is FAA doing to continue to be a global leader in aviation? Join us on the next The Business of Government Hour and find out!
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The IT Consolidation process can be simplified through the use of IBM’s discovery, analysis and migration tool suite.
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