Leadership in Action - The Business of Government Magazine Spring 2014


This edition of The Business of Government magazine underscores the importance of correlating short-term decision-making with long-range consequences. We highlight the latest trends and best practices for improving government effectiveness by introducing you to key government executives, detailing the work of public management practitioners, and offering insights from leading academics.

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Seth Diamond
New York City Department of Homeless Services

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Reform of the Federal IT Budget - Increasing Strategy, Decreasing Complexity
The federal budget process is an exercise in time travel. At any given moment, agency budget and program managers may live in as many as three years at the...

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Leadership in Action - The Business of Government Magazine Spring 2014
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 21:13
This edition of The Business of Government magazine underscores the importance of correlating short-term decision-...
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Cooley discusses the process of managing grants and research priorities across the NSF and working to support and nurture the future scientists and engineers of America. He discusses the NSF’s efforts to understand the impact of technology, especially...
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Dr. Blanchard’s report begins with a description of the statutory and conceptual foundations of costing requirements. He follows with a framework for integrating costs and performance. He then tells the story of how two very different federal agencies...
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Financial Management; Managing for Performance and Results...
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Gandhi discusses balancing the district’s budget and the upgrade of the district’s general obligation bonds to an A level from major rating agencies. Gandhi credits enlightened leadership that is fiscally responsible, strengthening the revenue system...
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Perlin discusses how VHA is moving away from provider- and facility-centered healthcare to more patient-centered healthcare that is driven by data and medical evidence. According to Perlin, patient-centered healthcare at VA means care that is not only...
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Dyer discusses his role within CMS and describes his typical workday as he oversees and analyzes policy implementation, reports to the administrator and deputy administrator, and reviews the progress of CMS's direct support functions, such as human resources,...
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Chew describes how the ATO was created to improve air travel in the midst of a failed automated air traffic control system, an increase in airport delays, rising FAA operating costs, and 9/11. ATO was designated a performance-based organization (PBO)...
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Scheinberg discusses how her office works with DOT's 12 operating components, including the Federal Aviation and Federal Highway Administrations, on budget and program issues. In her four and a half years at DOT, Scheinberg has helped appoint a CFO in...
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Financial Management Managing for Performance and Results...
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This report describes how the federal grant system has come under increased stress in recent years. In an effort to modernize the grant system, the report analyzes three recent reform initiatives in the area of grant management: performance partnerships,...
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