Leading the Defense Health Agency: Interview with Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Douglas Robb, director, Defense Health Agency


With the creation of the Defense Health Agency, DoD has taken a step in changing the way it delivers care. DHA is the starting point for comprehensive enterprise-wide reform. It is a leading example for how DoD will seek to modernize and integrate its system of care -- creating a stronger, better and more resilient military health system for the future.

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Dr. Zeke Emanuel
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and chair of the...
University of Pennsylvania

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Pursuing IT Standardization and Consolidation: Insights from Dave Bowen, Director of Health Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Defense Health Agency, U.S. Department of Defense
The provision of health services is a critical and significant mission within each branch of the U.S. Military, as well as an integral part of the U.S....

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Weekly Round-Up: August 22, 2014
Friday, August 22, 2014 - 11:20
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This report showcases two large federal agencies that adapted the balanced scorecard approach to their operations and have used it for more than five years to drive improved performance. The challenge, the authors note, isn’t creating a scorecard; it’s...
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Combs discusses how the USDA Office of the CIO works closely with each of the CIOs in the department's various agencies, develops project management training programs, and works toward the electronic government goals in the President's Management Agenda....
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Fore discusses her experience in the private sector, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of State. Fore explains that the Office of the Under Secretary is responsible for the State Department's diplomatic security, Consular...
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Describes Community Indicators Consortium and related efforts.
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Cooley discusses the process of managing grants and research priorities across the NSF and working to support and nurture the future scientists and engineers of America. He discusses the NSF’s efforts to understand the impact of technology, especially...
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Enger discusses the HR Line of Business program, its relationship to the e-government initiative in the President's Management Agenda, and its alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture. Enger also describes some of the programs that have arisen...
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Missions and Programs...
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Gregg discusses how FMS is working to make sure that its more than 950 million payments to the American people are on time and accurate. He talks about how FMS distributed payments from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the victims of Hurricane...
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Perrin’s report provides substantial evidence that countries are moving toward a results-oriented approach in a wide variety of government contexts. Until recently, the process and performance of government has been judged largely on inputs, activities,...
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Hitch discusses the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP) and how the program fits in with the -One DOJ- initiative. LEISP is a new approach that enables the USDOJ to share information routinely with all levels of the law-enforcement community....
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