What is participatory budgeting and how does it work? What are the benefits and obstacles to participatory budgeting? How can we better engage citizens through social media? Join Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Victoria Gordon, author of the IBM Center report Participatory Budgeting: Ten Actions to Engage Citizens via Social Media.

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Seth Diamond
New York City Department of Homeless Services

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Pursuing IT Standardization and Consolidation: Insights from Dave Bowen, Director of Health Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Defense Health Agency, U.S. Department of Defense
The provision of health services is a critical and significant mission within each branch of the U.S. Military, as well as an integral part of the U.S....

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Weekly Roundup: December 8-12, 2014
Friday, December 12, 2014 - 10:07
Articles from across the Web that we found interesting, the week of December 8-12,, 2014.
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Government leaders today face mounting pressures to innovate; yet finding ways to actually enable innovation remains a challenge for many. Top organizations with successful track records of innovation, however, have discovered one possible solution. Lean...
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Missions and Programs; Leadership; Strategic Thinking...
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In this interview, Paulison discusses: an Overview of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief Act; Fiscal Year 2007 organizational priorities; Improving logistics and commodity management; Streamlining the debris-removal process;...
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Financial Management; Managing for Performance and Results; Missions and Program ...
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In this interview, Vonglis discusses: the Mission of the U.S. Air Force's Office of Financial Management and Comptroller; Financial management's role in the transforming the U.S. Air Force; U.S. Air Force's Financial Services Center; Biggest financial...
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Describes Washington State’s use of a Citi-Stat process to manage state priorities and outcomes.
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Evans describes the e-government initiatives under the President's Management Agenda (PMA), including govbenfits.gov, e-rulemaking, and grants.gov. She also explains that the various e-government initiatives focus on different relationships within government:...
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In this interview, Embrey discusses the: Mission and scope of the Office of Force Protection and Readiness; DoD's Force Health Protection and Readiness assessment process; Improving the medical readiness of the total force; The Deployment Health and Family...
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In this interview, Brady discusses: the Air Force's transformation strategy; Force development initiative; Personnel Services Delivery (PSD) initiative; National Security Personnel System (NSPS); Supporting Air Force families; and the Air Force's organizational...
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Wells discusses how SSA is assessing and planning for the pending retirement wave. He describes some of the solutions to the retirement problem that SSA is considering, including workforce transition planning, succession planning, and new recruitment...
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