Five Actions to Improve Military Hospital Performance


The rising costs of healthcare in DoD have placed a spotlight on the importance of sound management of DoD’s Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) in recent years.

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Rodney Scott
University of New South Wales

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Transforming VA’s IT Organization to Better Serve Veterans: Insights from LaVerne Council, Assistant Secretary for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
In his second inaugural address, President Abraham Lincoln spoke of the tragedies of the Civil War and society’s need to unify and “to care for him who...

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A New Research Agenda:  The Center Launches Our Third Decade of Bringing the Best Ideas to Government
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 13:18
The Center is releasing a refreshed set of priorities to inform future research that can drive public sector...
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The IBM Center focuses on the future of the operation and management of the public sector by connecting research with practice. Through its 11-year research stipend program, the IBM Center has demonstrated the viability and effectiveness of applied research in which academics and non-profits from around the world compete to prepare insightful and pragmatic reports relevant to public sector executives and managers.
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Exploring ideas to improve government effectiveness. We profile three Center reports with authors Russ Mills on regulatory partnerships at FAA, Cass Moseley on Collaborating on the front lines, and Professors Greis and Noguiera on enhancing food safety through collaboration and partnerships.
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Voters have signaled that they aren’t happy with the role of government. Surveys also say they are upset with government employees and don’t trust government. Yet research shows that citizens base their perceptions on their personal experiences. So would improving customer service help?
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Driving cost savings across the Federal government - a week in review.
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OMB recently reached out to government and industry leaders for new approaches to making good tech ideas work. The first wave of recommendations is in, and OMB is now looking at them for things that it can act on now. Key recommendations build on past ideas and in fact may be back to the future, part next – the success!
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How do you create a collaborative data collection and performance reporting system involving a range of stakeholders in communities, watersheds, or land restoration efforts?
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Technology Council Presents a Trillion Reasons Memo to the White House Economic Advisors
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Observers are disappointed that the Obama Administration has not announced a major management reform initiative, like his recent predecessors. However, the President's recently released FY 2011 budget contains a number of management reform initiatives that promise a "Performance Revolution."
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The federal government faces an estimated annual structural budget deficit of $500 billion –700 billion. Deficits of this magnitude represent a major threat to the economic health of the nation. A plan to reduce and eliminate this structural deficit is urgently needed.
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I propose implementing a series of new approaches to cut costs in a more meaningful way – ones that will improve the overall value provided by departments to citizens, state and local governments, businesses, etc.
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