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John Kamensky's Articles

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 - 11:50

Index of Blog Posts -2011

Index of Blog Posts-2010

Articles Published Elsewhere, in Chronological Order:

The Next New Thing in Perfromance Management(12-2011)

The Ever-Expanding Obama Performance Agenda (09-2011)

Congress Overhauls Results Act, Wants Results (04-2011)

Congress Hits "Refresh" Button for Results Act (10-2010)

Obama’s Performance Revolution: Changing How Government Works (03-2010)

U.S. Senate Creates Task Force on Government Performance (12-2009)

New Report: Building a Better Government Performance System (10-2009)

Maryland's Fact-Driven, Strategy-Based Governing Approach (08-2009)

Transparency: The New Frontier of Performance Management (06-2009)

Web 2.0 Meeting Performance Reporting (04-2009)

Advice to Obama's New Chief Performance Officer (02-2009)

Bush's Performance Management Legacy (10-2008)

Building Obama's Performance Management Approach (10-2008)

Results-Focused Governance: Trends in State Governments (08-2008)

Sense-Making in the Age of Information Overload (06-2008)

Is Lean Six Sigma "Cool?" Ask Employees of Ft. Wayne, Indiana! (04-2008)

Creating Accountability in Collaborative Networks: Can it be Done? (02-2008)

Passing the Baton: Sustaining a “Performance and Results” Approach (12-2007)

Peeking Over the Fence (10-2007)

More Similar Than You Might Think (08-2007)

Getting Our (Foreign) Affairs in Order: Project Horizon (06-2007)

Federal Agencies Ratchet Up Focus on Performance (04-2007)

Carry Me Back to Old Virginia (02-2007)

Apple State Creates Core Measures (12-2006)

Making Big Plans: How President Bush is Using National Strategies (10-2006)

Update of Performance-Based Pay for Federal Executives (08-2006)

The 80 Percent Solution? (06-2006)

Tall Corn, Rolling Prairies, and the Shopping Spirit! (04-2006)

Creating Grassroots, Bottoms Up Pressure for Results (02-2006)

It’s the Outcomes, Stupid! (12-2005)

Institutionalizing a Performance Culture: Legislation vs. Leadership (10-2005)

Power to the People: Reflections on the ASPA International Symposium for Developing Effective Performance Measurement Systems in Government (9-2005)

Top Ten List: Key Factors That Make a Balanced Scorecard Successful (07-2005)

Capability-Based Planning: Responding On-Demand in a Post-9/11 World (06-2005)

Demanding Performance and Results: The President’s Second Term Management Legacy (04-2005)

Making Meaningful Distinctions: A New Performance-Based Pay System for Federal Executives (02-2005)

Virginia Results (05-2004)

Leveraging Performance (03-2004)

Keeping Score (11-2003)

Moving Boxes (09-2003)

Getting to Yellow (08-2003)

Beyond the Results Act (05-2003)

How Am I Doing? (03-2003)

Performance Reporting (02-2003)

The Unsolved Performance Puzzle at the Federal Level, Parts 1&2 (11-2002)

Connecting the Dots Among Early Adopters, Parts 1&2 (09-2002)

It’s All About Connecting People to Goals (8-2002)

End of the Marking Period: Grades Are In on President’s Management Scorecard (07-2002)

O Canada! A Snapshot of Its Managing for Results Initiative (06-2002)

A New Game of “Twenty Questions” (05-2002)