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Innovation in Government

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 - 11:35




The Persistence of Innovation in Government: A Guide for Innovative Public Servants

The Persistence of Innovation in Government:  A Guide for Innovative Public Servants

Author: Sandford Borins

Innovation in government persists.  In the face of the obstacles inherent in the process, despite the risk of failure, despite the time, energy, persuasion, and improvisation required to bring an innovation to fruition, public servants continue to find new ways to create public value. This report is for those already engaged in the process of innovation, and is also intended to inspire and assist future innovators. The goal is to increase the amount of innovation in government.  The report summarizes eleven findings and makes recommendations for creating a climate for innovation.

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The Business of Government Magazine

This upcoming edition of The Business of Government magazine underscores the importance of correlating short-term decision-making with long-range consequences. We highlight the latest trends and best practices for improving government effectiveness by introducing you to key government executives, detailing the work of public management practitioners, and offering insights from leading academics.

As government executives confront significant challenges in meeting varied missions, responding properly to them must be guided and informed by the fiscal and budgetary realities of the day. Leaders need to change the way government does business to make smarter use of increasingly limited resources—-leveraging technology and innovation to be more efficient, effective, anticipatory, adaptive, and evidence based in delivering missions and securing the public trust.

Government executives must also anticipate the future and stay ahead of events rather than being subsumed by them.  This foresight becomes integral to positioning, resourcing, and preparing their agencies for what may come while always keeping focus on primary responsibilities.

The spring edition of the magazine will be released this month, stay tuned.


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