Governing in the Next Four Years


Governing in the Next Four Years

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 - 12:03

Governing in the Next Four YearsA Presidential election year provides an opportunity to step back and consider major issues that will face government in the future. Our Center has devoted significant attention to this topic 4, 8, and 12 years ago, and this year we will build on that tradition. We intend to look at a variety of emerging trends, offer innovative approaches to address challenges today and tomorrow, and update a number of widely read reports from prior election cycles. We hope to engage in a dialogue with government and industry leaders, and welcome broad and deep discussion going forward.

The Guide


overning in the Next Four Years

We will  seek to focus on issues where public sector leaders can learn from successes across all levels of government, as well as effective practices in industry, in order to develop cost-effective solutions.  Key areas of focus will include:


Blog With us Blog With Us

The Business of Government Blog focuses on the broad themes related to the management challenges facing the president and the governance issues facing public sector leaders. 


Presidential Transition EditionThe Business of Government Magazine
This edition includes articles on governing in the Next Four Years including the importance of mission support, cross-agency collaboration, social media, and intelligence; management articles such as insights on a new federal performance framework, highlights of government executive radio show interviews, information on recent reports, and more.


Getting it Done: A Guide for Government Executives Getting it Done: A Guide for Government Executives
This book focuses on the environment in which newly appointed heads work. Part I contains six "to dos" necessary to "get it done" in Washington. Part II consists of 14 essays, each describing an important stakeholder in the political environment of Washington. (Order your copy.)


Operator's Manual

The Operator's Manual for The Next Administration
This book is written for senior management teams, consisting of both political and career executives. It is these teams that must navigate the seemingly endless rules and procedures of government. We are updating chapters of this book and releasing them through February 2013 - stay tuned! (Order your copy.)


Fast Gov Report

FastGov (forthcoming)
This report will highlight how to create a “fast government” -- accelerating how agencies do their work to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to deliver services.