Developing SES Capabilities and the Research Roundtable


Developing SES Capabilities and the Research Roundtable

Monday, May 13th, 2013 - 14:59



This newsletter features our new report, "Developing Senior Executive Capabilities to Address National Priorities" by Bruce T. Barkley, Sr. This report is intended to spark a discussion of how to create a cadre of experienced career senior executives who can lead major, cross-agency initiatives on national priorities. Additionally, we recently held a Research Roundtable to learn of the challenges and opportunities of government in the next several years. This insight will enable us to highlight where research is needed most in our upcoming research announcement, due out this summer. Read our summary of the Roundtable and more.

Developing Senior Executive Capabilities to Address National Priorities

Developing Senior Executive Capabilities to Address National Priorities

Author: Bruce T. Barkley, Sr.

The Senior Executive Service (SES) corps today is chiefly composed of highly skilled professionals in specific mission functions, with relatively few having cross-agency expertise. Recent trends in government have created a new demand for cross-agency capabilities. This report attempts to offer a practical, targeted approach for meeting this demand. The first part assesses the creation of a subset of experienced SES members who would be designated government-wide cross-agency leaders, and would take on assignments involving multiple agencies focusing on common goals. The second part is a case study of how the Department of Veterans Affairs created a corporate senior executive management office to more effectively develop, manage, and deploy its senior executive corps department-wide. This approach could be adapted either as a government-wide effort or by other major federal departments.

You can order free copies of this report and/or download this report.


Research AnnouncementCrafting a Research Agenda to Manage a 21st Government

Among our Center’s main activities is the sponsorship of research on issues affecting government leaders that points to practical recommendations for government in grappling with key challenges, now and in the future.

In order to keep The Center for The Business of Government’s research current, we host occasional roundtable discussions with leaders from the public sector, the academic research community, and across industry; these discussions help to challenge current assumptions about what matters for government today, and to frame new areas for investigation going forward.

Last week, we convened our most recent Roundtable. The event brought together leaders from OMB, GAO, agencies, non-profits, universities, and other government stakeholders.. We discussed several areas in depth, and covered a broader set of topics that will inform the Center’s research agenda for the next several years. We are grateful to those who joined the conversation and shared insights, anecdotes, and recommendations on a host of public management issues facing government. Read more of Dan's summary of the Roundtable.


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