Don Heiman


Don Heiman

Sunday, March 28th, 2010 - 12:50

Don Heiman served the state of Kansas' IT department since the early 1980s. Under his watch, Kansas developed an interagency culture that facilitated the development of enterprise architectures and standards. He helped to establish the Kansas Information Technology Office and an information technology committee that includes agency and education representatives along with officials from local governments. Kansas employs open architectures, it built one of the nation's best integrated-justice systems and it achieved measurable cost savings on its implementation of online applications. Annual turnover in technical personnel was reduced to 5 percent and, over the past four years, the state has not had a single failed IT project.

Beyond the measurable accomplishments Heiman achieved for his home state, is the culture of cooperation and success he fostered among its departments and agencies. He built interagency coalitions of people who developed and delivered a streamlined information technology machine for the 21st century. Heiman credits his team and the state's chief executives with the progress Kansas has made over the years.

He has contributed to the state's most recent IT plan that is built on the twin pillars of virtual government and electronic economy. He has been actively involved in managing the state's substantial efforts to address the post-Sept. 11 environment.