Transforming Government Through Technology


Transforming Government Through Technology

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 - 15:28
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By implementing private sector cost-reduction strategies and technologies, the federal government can reduce costs while improving services.

This cost-saving objective is highlighted in The Government We Need released by the Technology CEO Council (TCC) and supported by the IBM Center for The Business of Government. The report detailed how, if implemented effectively, technology-based reforms could reduce federal costs by more than $1 trillion over the next decade.

This forum highlights the insights presented in the TCC report and the IBM Center’s Transforming Government Through Technology—a companion piece to the more detailed TCC report. It presents the key insights and recommendations that can assist government leaders in understanding how to best leverage and scale past successes to benefit citizens and taxpayers today and in the future. These insights are confirmed by many of the Center’s past studies and reports; that similarly examine opportunities for improving government operations by applying private sector strategies and innovations.

Right now, the federal government spends roughly 30 percent on operations that support mission delivery. Efficient private sector organizations spend roughly 15 percent for similar overhead. While government will always have unique demands and obligations that prevent it from reaching the efficiency levels of the private sector, it can significantly improve operations.

Driving change in the federal government requires more than new policies or the infusion of new technology—it requires a sustained focus on implementation to achieve positive and significant results. The practices and recommendations outlined in this forum provide government leaders with a path for raising performance and becoming more cost efficient at all levels over the next decade.

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