Roy A. Bernardi: Reaching Out to Homeowners in Need


Roy A. Bernardi: Reaching Out to Homeowners in Need

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 - 15:06
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“Our loan limits [are] controlled by statute, [our products] could not keep up with the home price inflation, and FHA lacked the flexibility to provide new and competitive loan products.”

Throughout its history, the U.S. Department of Housing
and Urban Development (HUD) has sought to increase homeownership,
support community development, and increase
access to affordable housing. As HUD’s deputy secretary,
Roy Bernardi is the chief operating officer of a department
with about 8,600 employees and an annual budget of approximately
$36.9 billion, which includes a presence in 82 different
field offices throughout the U.S and its territories.


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