Robert J. Carey: Delivering Secure, Integrated Information in Real Time to Sailors and Marines


Robert J. Carey: Delivering Secure, Integrated Information in Real Time to Sailors and Marines

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 - 15:11
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"We think connecting and creating a seamless network environment, eliminating legacy networks and rolling them up, [and] creating this process that allows us to manage information across a homogeneous environment will better serve the warfighters.”


“I was in the desert in Fallujah [when] I was selected to
be the CIO [of the U.S. Department of the Navy],” recalls
Robert Carey. “I actually met the secretary of the Navy while
[he] was there at Thanksgiving time and shook his hand
and thanked him for picking me.” Serving in Iraq has given
Carey a firsthand view of the critical importance information
technology (IT) plays in supporting U.S. warfighters. As
a consumer of IT “at the tip of the spear,” Carey knows what
tools are being used by the sailors and marines his office
supports, recognizing that IT is at the heart of every warfighting
decision. “I was in Fallujah living with the uniformed
Marine Corps for seven months; I learned how they operate
in the field in combat conditions. When you bring all that
back, you have an appreciation [of what is needed and what
it takes]” to be successful. With his unique understanding,
Carey leads his staff in pursuit of their core mission: to deliver
secure, interoperable, and integrated information management
and information technology capabilities to warfighters.
He does this with an IT budget of about $7.1 billion, supporting
over 800,000 civilian and service personnel.


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