A Leader’s Guide to Transformation


A Leader’s Guide to Transformation

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 - 11:50
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Robert Reisner, an expert in government transformation, has culled these insights in his recent IBM Center report, A Leader’s Guide to Transformation: Developing a Playbook for Successful Change Initiatives. Based on these interviews, Reisner frames a series of interrelated steps that a government executive should consider when they undertake any transformation initiative.

Transformation continues to be seen by noted practitioners and 21st century federal leaders as a compelling description of the essential change that is needed throughout the federal government. In the future, transformation will be a joint-ownership enterprise that spans boundaries and involves constituencies in unprecedented ways. This emerging characteristic alone will require the successful leaders of future transformations to adopt a more democratic management style and build on the work of pioneers who have gone before.

Transformation’s Leadership Challenge

Throughout the federal government, there is a growing demand for effective leaders who can transform their agencies by implementing successful change initiatives that yield results. The pressure of budget reductions is redefining federal management practice. In agencies across the government, fewer resources are available. But there has been no corresponding decrease in the scope of the mission. This study describes new ways to create mission value in increasingly pressured times.

Some leaders have embraced the dilemmas caused by resource constraints as opportunities to introduce longneeded innovations and change the way that the business of government is done. But even the best leaders quickly find that transformation is hard work involving many choices and unexpected consequences.

This addresses the challenge of transforming organizations. The guide is based on a series of interviews with experienced practitioners who described how they tackled the challenge of transformation in government organizations. Their experience may offer plays for you to include in your own transformation

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