Rex W. Cowdry, M.D.: Helping Marylanders Make More Informed Health Care Decisions


Rex W. Cowdry, M.D.: Helping Marylanders Make More Informed Health Care Decisions

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 - 15:18
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"How do you encourage physicians and patients to choose value?… I think the next few years, regardless of who’s elected in November, we’ll see a push for changes in the way we finance and organize health care. I think that states are going to be involved in that process.”

Health care costs in the U.S. continue to grow at a rate greater
than inflation, while concerns over health care quality and
coverage remain. Access, affordability, accountability, choice,
and transparency describe many of the desired elements for
a 21st century U.S. health care system. Given the public
policy implications, national and state governments work to
identify innovative ways to meet the most pressing and complex
social challenge facing this nation: promoting health
care access and quality while managing cost. In so doing,
providing timely and accurate information on availability,
cost, and quality of health care goes a long way to informing
policy makers. “[In Maryland] it is very important not only to
gather information, but also we want to deliver information
about different health care options to help people make better
health care choices,” explains Dr. Rex Cowdry, executive
director, Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC).


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