Delivering on Mission Priorities: New Pathways to Achieve Key Government Outcomes


Delivering on Mission Priorities: New Pathways to Achieve Key Government Outcomes

Monday, July 18th, 2016 - 8:55
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(with contributions from IBM colleagues Chris Ballister, Chris Trainor, Matt Spaloss, and Mark Fisk)

Effective and innovative approaches for managing people, processes, and technologies can support agencies to deliver critical missions effectively, bolstering the government’s ability to serve the citizen and protect the nation.

Enabling the public sector to deliver on its mission priorities remains a major research theme of the IBM Center for The Business of Government. Making this vital connection between outcomes that agencies strive for on behalf of the citizens they serve and the good management needed to achieve those outcomes is a critical link for effective government.

As we collaborate with government stakeholders in meeting this objective, a number of specific mission areas have great importance for the nation and call for further work to identify pathways for strengthening performance. Each of these areas features several distinguishing elements:

  • They have broad impact on citizens, businesses, and other governments, and in some cases international partners.
  • They are implemented through networks of agencies working together. None are the province of a single organization; all rely on a strong collaborative approach.
  • Partners from outside government can be a source of innovation and creative solutions to help government succeed.
  • Achieving positive outcomes depends on bringing together people, process, and technology in a strategic management framework that enables the mission.

Developing approaches that help agencies find new pathways to achieve key mission outcomes will be a high priority for the IBM Center over the next several years. We will seek to do so in new ways to engage government through joint exploration of innovative ideas, interaction around potential solutions, and the ability to foster rapid action and iterative learning. Especially as a new administration takes office in January 2017, we will work with colleagues across government, academia, industry, the non-profit community, and IBM to jointly develop thought leadership and actionable recommendations that help government serve the nation efficiently and effectively. Moreover, we welcome ideas from
government stakeholders about specific issues to address—ideas that can help frame the art of the possible.

These activities focus on four areas that share the distinguishing elements described above, and address two of the most important roles for government: to serve the citizen and to protect the nation. Specifically, this focus includes helping government across the following mission areas:

  • Engaging Citizens to Meet Evolving Needs
  • Transforming Operations to Improve Programs
  • Strengthening Threat Prediction and Prevention
  • Enhancing Cybersecurity

Each will be discussed in more detail in this complete article.

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