Ambassador Patrick F. Kennedy: Managing Transformational Diplomacy


Ambassador Patrick F. Kennedy: Managing Transformational Diplomacy

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 - 15:52
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"We’ve gone through three exercises in which we have shifted resources from various parts of the world…. The goal here is to make sure that we have positioned our personnel and our financial resources so that they are most strategically aligned with the foreign policy goals.”

As the United States faces unprecedented challenges and
opportunities around the world, Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice has unveiled a bold new vision of American diplomacy
for the 21st century known as “transformational diplomacy.”
According to Secretary Rice, transformational diplomacy is a
vision rooted in partnership, not paternalism—in doing things
with other people, not for them. “I think,” says Ambassador
Patrick Kennedy, that the major focus of transformational diplomacy
has to [do with] getting our personnel out and operating
in different ways, reaching out to new audiences … in ways
that we have not done in other parts of the world.”

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